Social Awareness

The topic for this journal entry is Social Awareness. Here are some questions to consider: How do you view yourself in regards to social situations? How does this change when you are in a professional environment? What do you think your social media presence says about you? If a stranger or hiring manager saw your social media, what do you think they would think it says about you? Do you see yourself as a leader? Do you see yourself as a follower? Do you like to have large social groups or smaller social groups?


You can use these questions as a way to get started but be afraid to include your own thoughts about the topic.


APA format is not required for journal entries; however, you must use Arial font, size 12; margins of 1 inch on all sides. Students will complete a total of 10 journals. Spacing for the reflections should be 1.5 and your task list with action steps and your priority list can be single spaced will bullets points in a list format as shown in the section examples below.


Entries will include a To Do list, a Priority list and then a reflection on an assigned topic that should be at least two paragraphs, but can be more. These entries should be thoughtful, well-organized, and professionally written.


The deadline to submit your journal when is 4pm (the start of class) on the day it is due. You will submit your journal entries on Canvas.


Students are expected to complete at least 10 journal entries over the semester that will include GTD methodology and a reflection on the assigned topic or how the topics in class connect to your experience at CSUF. This is an opportunity to put your thoughts into writing.  Section 1 & Section 2 should be written in the bullet point format. Section 3 is your area to reflect on the assigned topic.


The journal must include three sections:


  1. Create/update project list and identify next actions for this week: To update, keep the projects that are still live and add any that are new. Then identify anything you need to do in the next week to be successful:


Task List/Next Action Examples:


BUAD300 Pre-Survey. Next action: Go on titanium and complete the survey.

BUAD300 Holland Assessment. Next Action: Go on titanium and complete the assessment and review the outcomes for class discussion.

BUAD 300 Mid-term on choosing your major. Next action: Read on three majors I am interested in (e.g., Econ, Finance, and Marketing)

BUAD301 Essay. Next Action: Brainstorm on ideas for essay then begin writing.

ISDS361A Assignment 1. Next Action: Go to tutoring to discuss this assignment.

Get involved in a student organization. Next action: Research on-campus organizations and narrow the list based on interest.

Declare my Concentration. Next Action: Go to the Business Advising Center and meet with an advisor.

Celebrate Sister’s Birthday. Next Action: Buy a gift and make reservations for dinner.

Car Repair: Next Action: take car to Costco for tires.

Understand TDA: Next Action: go to business advising in SGMH1201 to discuss TDA and major requirements.

  1. Priority List: What are your top 5 priority next action items you have to get done for the week? (All of your “next actions” deserve love but these are the top 5 that you absolutely can’t afford to miss.


You must list 5

  1. Minimum 2 paragraph reflection on the assigned topic.




Task List/Next Action:  Irvine FC Tryouts. Next Action: Train well and be ready for the Tryout.THTR 300 Quiz. Next Action: Prepare for the quiz by reviewing the topics.Phone repairment. Next Action: Go to Apple store for repairment.Take My Parents to the Airport. Next Action: Spend my last few hours with my parents before wishing them a safe trip.Gym Membership. Next Action: Make some meal preps to assure that my workouts are more effective.Groceries. Next Action: Go Grocery shopping to restock the kitchen so that I can start making my meal preps.Clean My Apartment. Next Action: Do my laundry and chores.ECON 335. Next Action: Double check with the Professor that I’ll be admitted to the class.Linked In. Next action: Create an account to expand my relations so that there will be more options for me for the internship.Car Maintenance. Next Action: Call the Dealership to schedule an appointment.Phone repairment. Next Action: Go to Apple store to get my phone fixed so I can use it easily.THTR 300 Quiz. Next Action: Prepare for the quiz by reviewing the topics. I need to be sure that I study well so that I can do the best I can.Take My Parents to the Airport. Next Action: Spend my last few hours with my parents before wishing them a safe trip. This is a priority so that parents don’t miss their trip.ECON 335. Next Action: Double check with the Professor that I’ll be admitted to the class. This is important because I need to be sure that I’m admitted so that I can ensure that my major is declared for next semester.Car Maintenance. Next Action: Call the Dealership to schedule an appointment. This is important because I need to be sure that the car has no problems, so that driving will be safer for me.                       Priority List:               Reflection  The getting things done system is one of the beast ways to say bye to stress because it helps us to mange our tasks in a professional and calm way. The system ensures that our minds are free and ready for more creative tasks. One of the benefits for such a system include its ability to give life a new meaning, its ability to save time, focus, freedom, and better relationships. The system saves time by helping us balance between professional and personal lives, gives us the ability to choose what to always do, enables us to fulfil our commitments, and makes us question what we do constantly daily. The biggest disadvantage of the GTD system is its ability to make us overwhelmed due to a big list of tasks up for completion. Some of the tasks may be complex due to their size, as well as the time required to fulfil their requirements satisfactorily. As such, one may tend to become easily overwhelmed when required to break down big projects into smaller ones.  Before the GTD system, I used to have something similar, although mine was al little bit more simplistic, which made it harder to follow and easier to leave out some tasks. My system did not contain any priority list because it was just a simple list on everything I needed to get done. The system I used was writing everything on my phone ‘notes app’. In the GTD system, it is difficult to leave things out because I would start with the priority list and break toward the general list. As much as I know the challenges of sticking with new habits of doing things, I realize that the GTD system will make my way of doing tasks easier and more efficient.

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