The Effects of Technology on Student Achievement

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Effects of Technology on Student Achievement. There are several advantages that may accrue to students from the tools of technology apart from long-distance learning and the benefits may accrue to both young students as well as adult learners, helping them to achieve better results in learning outcomes. Martindale et al (2007) conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of the use of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) when it is administered through web-based and computer-based software applications, In their study, they have highlighted several studies that have pointed to the benefits of an online learning environment on students. Within the classroom, instructional software that may be used ranges from drill and practice exercises for remediation as well as for instruction in the entire curriculum. The development of multimedia and web-based instruction also provides for the facility of an enhanced network of communications between students, teachers, administrators, and parents. One study that they have referred to shows that students who use online tutorials while completing learning assignments are able to perform better and demonstrate higher levels of achievement than those who use traditional learning methods. Other studies have shown that an online, interactive learning environment is more helpful to students in correcting their misconceptions. The online environment promotes better learning outcomes because it can accommodate a variety of learning styles. In specific reference to their study of the online administration of the FCAT via FCAT Explorer, Martindale et al (2007) found that student scores from elementary schools that used FACT Explorer were significantly higher than those from elementary schools that did not use it. This provides support for the position that technology may be beneficial to students since an online environment is more efficacious in promoting learning.

Technology may be helpful in improving student learning because it helps to enhance student attention since they have the facility to create their own products.

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