use of telemedicine by patients and providers

  1. According to the video in the lecture for chapter 2, what obstacles interfere with expanded use of telemedicine by patients and providers? Describe at least two examples.
  2. Describe how efficiency in the healthcare industry has improved due to health informatics.
  3. Describe the clinical or diagnostic use of robotics and virtual (augmented) reality. Describe two examples.

Midterm Instructions

Each answer should be a short essay consisting 3 paragraphs (one paragraph per answer). Each answer should be in a separate paragraph. Each answer is worth 5 points toward your final grade for this assignment. Answers should be comprehensive and demonstrate knowledge of the topic. All answers must be:

  • Typed into a MS Word Document and uploaded to the Canvas shell for this course
  • Document should be in Times Roman 12 font, ¼ inch margins, double-spaced
  • Each answer should be numbered to correspond to the question being addressed
  • Grammar and spell checked
  • Each answer must be at least five complete sentences (not bullets)
  • Each answer must use terminology defined and described in the text and lecture
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