decision-making in chiquita bananas

Write a 5 pages paper on decision-making in chiquita bananas. The conflict mainly occurs when dubious decisions are made within an organization and these decisions result in a major dispute that even demands a legal resolution. The ethical requirements within a particular industry should therefore be properly defined to give business owners an opportunity to properly follow them and avoid any legal process that may result( Fraedrich et al. 2012).

An ethical decision-making process is therefore a well-established procedure within a particular organization that aids in the determination of the best path of action among various alternatives in a way that upholds the ethical requirements of the industry.

Chiquita is an agribusiness organization involved in banana trade in Colombia though it is based within the United States. During its operations over the years, multiple ethical dilemmas have resulted in the organization having trouble with the law. These issues include the use of child laborers in banana production activities and the possible payment of multiples sums of money to criminal organizations for protection. The issue of engaging criminal organizations was a serious violation of the industry’s ethical codes and laws. This resulted in the organization facing serious fines from the government. A proper approach to decision making would thus be very important (Fraedrich et al. 2012).

The first and the most important step to take when one intends to make a decision is to identify the problem. Once the management is able to determine what has caused a problem it eases the decision-making process. This involves gathering many facts about the situation. Gathering facts should be done in a very specific and objective manner. Taking done notes on important points is very necessary (Fraedrich et al. 2012).

A manager should also determine if the problem is affecting all the stakeholders to the business. Once the problem has been identified and properly defined.

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