Human Curiosity

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I have a four-year-old daughter. Though she is very unique in many ways, I observe in her many of the common curiosities of a small child. Well, more like fascination than curiosity. We can never go out for a walk without her sticking a rock in her pocket. She picks up leaves, she follows bugs, she marvels at bees and butterflies, she smells all flowers and admires their colors. When we go to the Natural History Museum she is legitimately captivated by how big whales are, or how dinosaurs really existed. Everything is so enchanting; in her eyes, it’s hard to keep up with the world around us! So where does that all go when we’re older? Where does the magic go? Granted that some people keep that curiosity, why don’t we all want to keep learning about our natural world? For today’s discussion, I would love to hear from you on that matter. Not only “why and when do we lose the magic?” but “can we possibly gain it back, and how?”

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