Negative Effects of Smoking Marijuana on Mental Health and on Lungs

Subject of the paper: Negative Effects of Smoking Marijuana on Mental Health and on Lungs

Requirement: I require from you 3 files which will be based on the topic provided above:

·  A draft of the research essay (this should not be the final research essay)

·  A research Essay (the outline for it is provided in the other information section)

·  A survey ( I need a survey of five questions that will be used in the research paper and minimum 25 responds, survey either use survey monkey or google docs/form, I need the link at the end please) – I don’t care if you submit the response yourself multiple types as long as you provide different answers and it looks original

Other information: It is a research paper that acts like an argumentative essay with five paragraphs.It should contain the following

-An Introduction

-First Paragraph about the mental health effects of marijuana

-Second Paragraph about the effect on the lungs of marijuana

-Third Paragraph is a refutation and my opposite side refers to the fact that smoking marijuana can be efficient for some medical conditionsand I provide facts to support this statement

-The Conclusion

All the needed info are in the files below, and my name is Reem AlGhamdi because it is needed to be cited in the paragraphs as shown below

Attached Documents: The following represents the materials which I provided so you can have a better idea of the work:

·  Conducting A Survey

·  Sample Research

·  Outline Research

·  Guideline (the full request)

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