Policy and Measures Taken by Synchrony

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Synchrony (formerly known as GE Capital) offered a special deal providing that if credit card holders paid part of what they owed, it would write off the rest and the customer would never have to pay it. The company did not offer this deal to people who lived in Puerto Rico or were native Spanish-speakers. Is there anything wrong with that?

There you are on FindMeLove.com. You joined for free, but you have to upgrade to a paid version if you want to see full-size photos or send personalized messages. So far, you are fine with the free version. But then, a really attractive guy messages you and wants to chat. To respond, you have to upgrade. Once you do, you never hear from him again. Only later do you realize that his profile had a little “VC” in the upper corner. That meant he was a “virtual cupid,” that is, not a real person. Is there anything wrong with that?

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