The Miami Marlins

Pick one of the following topics and design one survey that will provide quantifiable data to provide actionable insights for that topic.

Customer service experience

The Miami Marlins were seeking feedback on the customer experience of purchasing tickets to ball games from their website. Their end goal is to improve the website so that it is easy and efficient for the customer to purchase tickets, and to encourage customers to buy directly from them instead of third-party vendors. They want to know details about the customers who are purchasing tickets through the website (age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.). They want to know about the overall experience of buying a ticket through their website. Is it difficult? Is it quick, relative to other vendors? Do they prefer using a different ticket vendor – who? They also want to know about any other insights that can help them improve the experience of the customer when they are purchasing tickets.

Employee satisfaction

Lynn University is seeking feedback about the experiences of their faculty and staff in the workplace. Their end goal is to ensure that both faculty and staff are satisfied with their experience at Lynn, and to improve employee turnover. They want to know how satisfied faculty and staff currently are at Lynn. They want to know what causes faculty and staff to leave Lynn, and what can be done to ensure that employees stick around longer. They want to know if satisfaction issues affect certain employees differently. They want to know how many employees plan on leaving in the next 3 years. They are open to other insights about what can improve turnover and the overall employee experience at Lynn.

Create your own!

Pick an organization or customer base that might be able to implement a survey for actionable insights. At the beginning of the survey, clearly state the overall goals of your survey and what questions it is aimed to answer (like I did in the examples above).

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