CU Legal Application in Healthcare

As developing or future health care managers, it is important to understand the law and its application within the courtroom. It is also beneficial to have a general understanding of the purpose, types, elements, and overall importance of contracts as they pertain to health care organizations and caregivers. Read text book Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration chapter 7, Contracts and Anti-Trust, page 118-136 and Chapter 8 Civil Procedure and Trial Practice, page 140-173  to help you in the below questions.


For your discussion post, choose two topics for discussion, one each on:

Contracts and anti-trust.

Civil procedure and trial practice.

In your post: Identify the topics you chose and provide an insightful discussion about them. Please cover the following:


Why did you choose this topic?

How is it relevant to health care managers?

Do you have any personal or professional experiences with this topic?

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