A June 1972 break-in to the Democratic National Committee headquarters led to an

investigation that revealed multiple abuses of power by the Nixon administration. Watch

the video below to learn more about the Watergate scandal. You can also refer to the

“Watergate” subsection in Chapter 26 The Conservative Turn. watch this video to do it

Questions: 1. Given what you know about other impeachment proceedings from the class

(Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, Donald Tump (1 & 2)), where does this fall historically? Was this something that one should have been impeached, why or why not?

2. In times of war, how much power does the president have domestically? Was impetus for the Watergate Scandal domestic or foreign policy? What did Nixon stand to gain from it?

3. Nixon ultimately stepped down before he could have been removed from office. Was this something that should have happened? Would it have been a good or bad thing for the president of the United States to stand trial for crimes? Why or why not?

Sufficient = 300 words, substantive and addresses the prompt


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