An Evaluation of Efforts to Implement No-Drop Policies: Two Central Values in Conflict

This week we learned about evaluation research methods. For this assignment, you will have to read “An Evaluation of Efforts to Implement No-Drop Policies: Two Central Values in Conflict” by Smith & Davis (2004). Follow the instructions below.

Prompt 1. In one paragraph: Describe the purpose of this evaluation research and the background that justifies doing this research. What was the overall goal of this evaluation?

Prompt 2. In one paragraph: Identify the types of evaluation the researchers conducted. Describe the methodology used to conduct this evaluation, including where it happened, types of data gathered, and types of research done. Note the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Prompt 3. In one paragraph, describe the findings presented by the researchers. Do you agree or disagree with their conclusions? Should no-drop policies be implemented nationwide, be dropped nationwide, or some combination. Why or why not? Provide evidence from the evaluation

Grammar/Mechanics/Formatting/APA/References: See below

Guidelines/Grammar/Formatting/APA/References: Use Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double-spaced paragraphs. A paragraph consists of at least 3 or more complete sentences. When appropriate, you should cite your sources and have a reference list following APA guidelines. Make sure you proofread what you have written prior to submission.

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