John Oliver YouTube video segments on topics related to CRIMINAL JUSTICE ONLY. These include: municipal violations; mandatory minimum sentencing; bail; overburdened defense attorneys/Miranda impact; mental health; ‘scientific findings’; border patrol; 911 operations; utility of forensic science; prosecutors (i.e. District Attorneys); lethal injection; death investigations; state Attorney Generals; prisoners as labor; prisoner re-entry; school police; opioids; marijuana; harm reduction; environmental racism; jury duty bias; police unions; housing discrimination; police raids; police accountability; wrongful convictions; and police reform.

Students are to write at least two pages that provides an overview/summary of the segment (approximately 1 page) and then their opinion and solution (if any) to it (approximately 1 page). Students are allowed one.

I found a video

which has to do with police accountability.


In order to locate these videos, please visit Links to an external site.. Type in ‘John Oliver’ into the search engine at the top of the screen to be directed to the above-mentioned CRIMINAL JUSTICE-RELATED segments. Students should email me for approval to write about additional criminal justice segments other than those listed above (if they emerge). PLEASE NOTE: THESE VIDEO SEGMENTS USE SATIRE AND PROFANITY TO HIGHLIGHT REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS.

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