ERD Diagram and Design Class Diagram

ERD Diagram and Design Class Diagram

Question 1

A vehicle registration is required in Canada before the vehicle can be used. The registration involves a particular vehicle and its owner. You may assume that there is only one owner of a vehicle. Each vehicle has information about its make, model, and year. For example, make could be Honda, model could be Accord. A vehicle also has a VIN number, which is unique for each vehicle. A registration is usually valid for one year, and the registration can be renewed multiple times for the same owner and vehicle over years. Each time when the owner registers the vehicle or renews the registration, the owner needs to pay for the associated insurance fee/premium. The registration has effective date and time, expiry date and time. The associated insurance specifies the maximum coverage amount and deductibles. Deductibles is the amount of money the owner will pay before the insurance company pays.

In reality, an owner can make check payment or credit card payment. For simplicity, just assume that the owner can only make a credit card payment, and the payment has to be paid full at the registration time. The credit card information needs to be capture.

Please draw an ERD for the vehicle registration. You can make assumptions if needed, but please specify your assumptions in your ERD.

Question 2

A university department is managed by a department chair who is also a professor. Professors can be assigned to one department. The department can have many courses. Each course may be taught more than once by different professors.  A professor may be on sabbatical and not teach any course. We know the professor’s name, the professor employee id, the course names, the course schedule, the term/year that the course is taught.  A professor can be a full, associate, or assistant professor and he/she is enrolled in one department.

Create a design class diagram. Find all possible class candidates, include any reasonable methods and attributes (at least one method and one attribute to each class) and show all possible associations we learn in class.  You can make assumptions if needed, but please specify your assumptions.


·       Use the notation that we have used in class, the hand-drawn diagram is NOT acceptable, you must use a software program to draw it.

·       If you use any software to draw the diagrams, save them as pdf or screenshots and submit online

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