Nullification Crisis

ID Questions: Write as much as you can covering the who, what, where, when, & why for each term (8 total)

Robert Fulton

Nullification Crisis

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

John Brown

Total War

Domestic Slave Trade

The Bank War

Wilmot Proviso

Election of 1860

Emancipation Proclamation

Panic of 1819

Ostend Manifesto

Free-Soil Party

Republican Party

Moral Suasion

Erie Canal

Indian Removal Act

The Compromise of 1850

Crittenden Compromise

Battle of Gettysburg

Putting Out System

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Fugitive Slave Act

Confederate States of America

Sherman’s March to the Sea


Missouri Compromise

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Fort Sumter

Seneca Falls

Spoils System

Texas War for Independence


Cotton Gin

Appomattox Court House

Corrupt Bargain

Mexican American War

Dred Scott Decision

Anaconda Plan

Assassination of Lincoln

SAQ Questions: Write as much as it takes to effectively answer the question (4 total)

1)     Why did the US focus on internal improvements in the early 19th century? What role did innovation and technology play in this process?

2)     How did Jackson’s Presidency shape the course of the nation for the next 20 years?

3)     Were the political changes of the early nineteenth century positive or negative? Explain your opinion.

4)     What are the economic and political issues raised by having an imbalance between free and slave states? Why did the balance of free and slave states matter?

5)     How did the Compromise of 1850 both settle the short-term issues in the Union and create problems for the future?

6)     What was the Dred Scott Decision and how did it ratchet up tensions between North and South even further?

7)     Why did the North prevail in the Civil War? What might have turned the tide of the war against the North?

8)     Could the differences between the North and South have been worked out in late 1860 and 1861? Could war have been avoided

Essay Question (1 total)

1)    How and why did the United States begin to industrialize in the early nineteenth century?

2)    Trace the development of the Crisis that led to Civil War beginning with the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

3)    Explain the advantages and disadvantages that the North and South faced at the outset of the Civil War. What was the key in your opinion to the eventual victory of the North in the war?

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