Plan for Ezekiel Kelly

Topic: Plan for Ezekiel Kelly

The final project for this course is an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to an actual person or case. You will choose between developing a diversion, intervention, or a mitigation investigation plan for a real-world individual of your choice (that person you choose may be any real person from a court case or media reporting. It may also be someone in your life who agrees to be the subject of the project). In this final submission, you’ll hand in a complete plan for that individual, substantiated with research support for any recommendations made. The final project can be submitted as a paper, narrated presentation, or video testimony, so long as requirements are met.

The following components of the project are required:

1) A detailed description of the individual you selected, their background and circumstances, legal case, and needs. Throughout this section, you must identify the sources of information you are providing.

2) A brief justification for your selected plan type, given the case/individual you have selected. That is, why is a pre-arrest diversion plan (or mitigation investigation; etc.) appropriate for the case you are discussing?

3) A comprehensive, detailed plan (diversion, intervention, mitigation) with clear recommendations that are individualized and tailored to the person and case you are discussing.

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