Career Applications of Operations Management

An operations management course is required in most undergraduate business administration degree programs. Like marketing, accounting, finance, and management, the knowledge attained can be applied across industries and jobs.

Session Long Project 4 Resources

The CEO: Architect of the new operations agenda (2021)Operations Management in Healthcare (2021)15 Essential Operational Management Skills (2021)The Functions of Retail Operations Management (2021)

SLP Assignment

Operations Management and You

This is a personal essay that requires no research.

Start with a description of your professional experience, short-term and medium-term career plans. (¾ of a page)

Next, consider the following:

  • Share what you believe is the most important professional experience you will take away from the class and how it will support your career progression.
  • Describe how you applied a course lesson in your professional or personal life. (Or how you could have applied the lesson.)
  • Is there a topic from the subject that you would like to study more in-depth after graduation that will further your goals? Explain why.

Each course reflection should be about ¾ of a page.

This is a personal essay. Do not submit materials copied from another source.

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